The history

The earliest records of the estate date back to 1600, when Baroque flourished in Salento. The capital of Salento, Lecce, is well known in every part of the world as the "Capital of Baroque", with its refined architectural testimonies.


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Our philosophy

A farm - nowadays more than ever, in the global village - is both stronghold and ambassador of its territory. Thus, the philosophy of the farm is part of a broader ecosystem built upon the environment, quality and culture.


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The cellar

Our wines find their home in a structure that dates back to the first years of 1800. The building is entirely of tuff stone called tufo, a limestone rock typical of Salento. Its starry vaults, and the characteristics of the tuff allow the cellar to maintain a thermal insulation and a constant temperature, the ideal conditions to preserve the organoleptic properties of the wine, in the process of aging and storing.


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All Shades of Baccus

The cult of the Earth and the loving care that we offer to our grapes give all the Bacchus shadesto Vetrère wines: the noble red wines, the sweet white ones and the fine rosé ones. Our labels result from the cultivation of indigenous varieties of grapes: Negroamaro, Primitivo and Malvasia for the red wines; Minutolo and Chardonnay for the white wines.

Vetrère wine is obtained according to the laws of nature: a happy synthesis between the authentic identity of a territory, its history (and its culture) and the universal passion for the nectar of Bacchus. This is what we care about most: our labels.

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Our team

Annamaria Bruni

Born in Taranto, she holds a degree in Agriculture (course in food technology). She’s been the director of the Company since 1979. Annamaria has strongly wanted the reopening of the ancient cellar since the grape harvest of 2012; she has always believed in the possibility of realizing a model of agriculture, which is compatible with the environment. This vision is the guiding light of the business.

Francesca Bruni

Born in Taranto, following her classical studies in Bologna, she earned a degree in Economics and Business. After her university studies, she came back to her homeland - where she currently lives - to embrace the Vetrère mission. Since her debut at the helm of the company, she has taken care of the administration and business; in line with the vision of her elder sister, she believes that agriculture and territory are an inseparable combination in the name of quality. She loves living in the countryside, going to the sea, travelling and she adores music in all its forms.

Enrica Trinchera

Enrica, youngest daughter of Annamaria Bruni, was born in Bologna on January 29, 1993, she spent most of adolescence in Bologna. After concluding her scientific studies, she begins to fully immerse herself in the family company, attending at  exhibitions and trade shows around the world.From 2016 she moved permanently to Puglia, supporting Annamaria in the commercial management and dealing with social marketing strategies.


L’Azienda Agricola Vetrère, lì dove la Puglia diventa il Salento, esprime la vocazione enogastronomica di un territorio che fa delle tradizioni agricole la sua identità. Da cinque generazioni Vetrère versa le radici del Salento, i suoi profumi, i colori e il ritmo ancestrale della terra nei calici e in tutta la gamma di prodotti.

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