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The cellar


Our wines find their home in a structure that dates back to the first years of 1800. The building is entirely of tufa stone called tufo, a limestone rock typical of Salento. Its starry vaults, and the characteristics of the tuff allow the cellar to maintain a thermal insulation and a constant temperature, the ideal conditions to preserve the organoleptic properties of the wine, in the process of aging and storage.

Different rooms of the cellar are destined for to the production. A room on the ground floor is entirely devoted to French oak barrels, where the leading red wines of our production – such as the highly refined Barone Pazzo and Lago Della Pergola – are aged for 12 months.
The ancient underground tanks, from which the tuff to erect the building was extracted, are the habitat where the wine is stored during the summer months.


The method

The grapes of the estate are farmed according to a fostering system called “spurred cordon espalier”.
During the grape harvest, the bunches are immediately gathered and pressed. There is no storage in the meanwhile, in order to avoid the oxidation of the grapes and to allow the wine to convey all its scents.
In the same way, Vétrere uses groundbreaking methods and technology: vinification is carried out in a temperature-controlled environment, without any contact between the grape varieties and the oxygen. The process allows, thus, to preserve the purity of the organoleptic properties of the product and to preserve its profound identity.